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If you've been round and had a listen and have an honest opinion or something to say about the music, this is the place.  If there's anything else you want to raise about Applecross, Gaelic, crofting, the highlands, music, politics, religion, culture, geopolitics, philosophy, that's cool too.
But if I want my hair removed by laser, I'll contact you.

sorry about the need for a code, but I'm sick of the spam.

Beannachd leibh,



10 out of illusions
I would like to buy this CD - what do I do - link on website did not work for me!
Posted by Jane on 24 August 2017
Hi Jane,

So sorry about the very late reply! I have not been back at this website for a long while.

Do you still want to buy the CD? If you do please reply to me at and i will sort it out for you.

Best wishes,

Posted by Derek Maclennan on 15 November 2018
balivanich primary 70s
derek were you a pupil balivanich primary benbecula 1970s?
Posted by kenny sturrock on 18 October 2009
Your Music
Derek, I found your music for the first time yesterday (thru Cnet downloads) and was immediately blown away by your sound. Great stuff! Wanted you to know some gal from Chicago NOTICED! I see you don't allow links but hoped you'd look into another musician who I thought was YOU when I listened to "Brother".. remarkable resemblence and "from the very soul" kind of musician. I'll be sourcing your CDs post haste and turn the people here in Chicago onto Derek MacLennan for certain.

(If you'd like to hear WHO you reminded me of, without putting a "link" in.. search for James McMurtry on YouTube and seek out a song like "One More Winter" just for the grins of it. You'll understand why I had to take "a double look" when I'd heard your voice.

KUDOS on your accomplishments and I will look forward to much more of your music...

Posted by Linda on 11 February 2008
Hello Derek
tha mi toilichte gu bheil thu a'cumail suas a'Ghàidhlig anns an dualchas anns a'Chòmhraich. Bu toigh leam an DVD agaibh fhaighinn. Tha cuimhn'agam ort bho Sgoil Bhaile a'Mhanaich -nach fhada bhon uairsin.Dùrachdan Eairdsidh
Posted by Eairdsidh Caimbeul on 29 November 2007
Math a rinn tu Derek. An dochas gu faigh mi cothrom a chluich air an adhair gun dail. Slainte!
Posted by Mairi Anna NicUalraig on 10 October 2006
Math rinn thu!
Posted on 24 March 2006
The Seannachie
Posted on 08 March 2006

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